Servicing of all Makes of Fire Extinguishers
Water Mist Systems, Service and Inspection
Galley Fat Fryer Systems, Service and Inspection
Halon + Inergen: Testing and Filling
Pressure Testing: Filling all Types of Fire Extinguishers
Hydrostatic Testing of CO2 and Pressure Vessels
Fixed CO2 Systems, Hydrostatic Test and Level Checking
Blowing Through of Pipes, Complete System Check
Bulk CO2 Tank Servicing and Filling
Foam Services, Servicing and Filling
Dry Powder Systems, Servicing and Filling
Fire Hoses and Fitting, Supply All Sizes And Types
Breathing Sets, Service Supply and Filling
EEBD Sets Service, Supply and Filling
Firemans Outfits Complete Supply
Immersion Suits Supply Service and Pressure Test
Chemical Suits Supply Service and Repair
Smoke Detection - Supply Service and Repair
Heat Detection - Supply Service and Repair
Compressor Service and Repairs
Quality Air Check Provided
IMO Signs